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Nestlé is a Swiss food and drink processing conglomerate corporation who pulls in just over 90 billion dollars annually. Nestlé is known to run unethically and has been the face of many scandals over the past 50 years. Nestlé must be stopped. We’re going to cover some Nestlé famous scandals and shed light on light on their wrong doings.


On April 2, 2018 The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approved a permit to allow Nestlé’s plan to boost the amount of water from 200 to 400 gallons a minute. You heard that right, Nestle can now pump 575,000 gallons of water a day. The worst part about it is that Nestle only pays $200 annually for it. You may ask yourself how is this legal? and who is responsible for allowing this?

There isn’t a single person to blame for this however two major contributors were governor Rick Snyder and The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Rick Snyder claims this was not a business deal and that this was based on science. As you can tell this statement doesn’t make much sense, any rational person can tell you that pumping 209875000 gallons of water a year for $200 is unethical  There has been major backlash as you can expect, especially in the state of Michigan. Out of 81,862 comments filed by the people of our state, only 75 of them were in favor of the permit. 

 Flint is a city in Michigan that hasn’t had access to fresh water since 2014. Citizens do not have clean running water and the government did little to nothing to help. Nestlé received backlash during this time because they also did little to nothing to help. A multi billion dollar company who is pretty much robbing michigan of water can’t even help a fellow city in need.

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*Nestle pays $200 to pump 1.4 Billion water bottles worth of water a year 


  • 4.8 million bottles of water leave Nestlé’s packaging plant in Stanwood, Michigan

  • Nestlé pumps at least 400 gallons per minute

  • 209,875,000 gallons of water a year for $200

  • Nestlé pumps about 1 olympic swimming pools worth of water a day

  • responsible for producing over a billion plastic water bottles a year

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In the 1970’s Nestlé was exposed for getting third world country mothers hooked on baby formula. You may ask how is this possible and why did they do that? During the 70’s  benefits of breastfeeding were being brought to light. However, Nestlé decided to market their baby formula to third world moms in hope to expand this market.  Mom’s in third world countries do not have access to modern nutrition and medicine. Baby formula needs water to be added in order to drink, and in poverty stricken countries clean water is hard to come by.  Nestlé took advantage of this and pushed their formula knowing the consequences. Creating a need where none existed and Convincing consumers the products were indispensable. Nestlé would send saleswomen in fake nurses outfits to these countries to give out samples in hopes the women would get hooked. This became a disaster when the babies started to get sick and die. The contaminated water caused hundreds of thousands of babies to experience severe diarrhea which usually led to death. If the babies didn’t die then they were most likely sick and malnurtured.

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Over 20 years ago Nestlé and other large chocolate companies promised to eradicate child labor. However, as you could of guessed child labor is heavily prevelant in the cocoa industry. There are reports of children being kidnapped at a young age and being forced to work on the “farms” for 12-15 hours a day. Nestlé  can only account for about 50% of where their cocoa comes from. Nestlé has been providing funds, supplies, training and other assistance to “farms”  where they knew suspicious labor tactics were being used.  This isnt child labor, but child slavery.